Catalyze your Success Journey with an amazing community of like-minded, collaborative women and men who believe we can all positively impact the world.

Join your host, Dr. Summer Knight - "The Strategy Doctor" and other nationally-recognized transformative women to experience step-by-step how You PRECISELY Transform Your Mindset to Transform Your Life – Discovering Your Purpose and Creating Personal and Professional Alignment that Results in EXACTLY the Life You Want!

If you're reading this, it's because you're READY to create your own definition of success and catalyze your most important life goals. You're READY to experience the kind of transformation that allows you to make the impact you've always dreamed about making, personally and professionally.

Are You Tired of Feeling Like You're Stuck in Neutral … like Your Biggest Goals and Dreams Are Always Just out of Reach?

ThIS Event stands for THrive-Impact-Success. ‘ThIS’ is your opportunity to finally define and create your perfect life … in a format that has gotten 100% of the people who have implemented it guaranteed results one step at a time.  These 3 days will leave you with new found purpose, hope, and most importantly, CLARITY - as you recommit to a life you love.

As strong, smart, gifted individuals, we often develop big dreams about the impact we can create - whether in your family, your personal life, your community, your company or organizations you belong to, and even globally. We hope to leave a legacy, to have mattered.

analysis-paralysisBut in so many cases, we feel stuck when it comes to pursuing those dreams and making that impact. It's not your fault if you feel this way, too. You see, oftentimes the path to success and impact isn't clear. Sometimes you may even see your options, but you aren't sure which to pursue.

So you slog through your day-to-day life of “To Do’s” and “Must Do’s”, never feeling quite satisfied that you are living your greatest purpose.

The truth is: If you don't take control of your life – and your goals and dreams – then you never discover, harness, nor step up to embrace your God-endowed power.

Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • You've achieved a certain level of success – but you want your life to have more meaning. You want to create a lasting impact on your family and your community … and you aren't sure exactly how that looks or how to achieve it.
  • You know you're here to serve a purpose … but you don't know exactly what it is or how to live it so you feel empowered and fulfilled.
  • Although you've made some progress toward your biggest goals, you always seem to hit obstacles or setbacks – and you want to know how to move past them purposefully.
  • You have BIG ideas and plans, but they're SO big you aren't sure where to begin … so you remain stuck (even to the point of feeling in pain due to the gap of where you are and what you feel you are meant to do in the world).
  • You know there is more to life for you … only, you're not sure exactly what it is or how to achieve it.

If ANY of this sounds familiar, then you're in the right place – and I’ll let you in on a dirty secret - YOU'RE NOT ALONE.

14900754_sYou're invited to build the strategy to catalyze success in your life, alongside other likeminded, determined women. We are coming together to pause for a moment for a weekend of bonding. There is POWER in slowing down to speed up! We’re going to reflect on why we are here at this exact moment and time on this planet, and consider the impact we want to have on our families, our personal lives, our communities, our companies and organizations, and/or globally.

Come as my guest to:

Abigstock_Using_a_squeegee_to_clear_the__165550101nd when you discover that you hold the power to create the meaning in your life, you can finally achieve SUCCESS – however you define it.

But in order to do that, you first must gain clarity on exactly what your goals and dreams are, determine a strategic plan for making it happen, and learn tactical execution so you can overcome and springboard past the inevitable barriers and limiters. I call this the YOUnique Prescription™, also known as the YOUniqueRX™.

YOUniqueRx™ is a system that includes Success Strategy, the 5 Human Equities, and Neuroscience (brain science), that enables you to become the person you envision yourself to be as you obtain your goals and dreams faster than ever.

You discover a brave, bold YOU. You experience freedom like never before. Your focus and confidence increase, your anxiety decreases, you make decisions faster and with greater clarity, and you achieve exactly what you want to!

And when you Thrive, Create an Impact, and Experience Success, you leverage your unique set of passions, qualities, interests, priorities, behaviors, skills, talents and even quirks to uplevel your success and positively impact the world.

Who's Your Host?

Dr. Summer Knight, "The Strategy Doctor"

DSK_Suit_5178_FinalLet me share how I learned that “Success” is NOT A DIRTY word. My personal story is that I’ve had an extraordinary career transitioning from firefighter-paramedic-turned-physician-turned executive, have successfully built several start Ups, been a leader of a state health care system, and Fortune 100 executive as well as a #1 Best-Selling Author of "Win!" ,while maintaining flow in my life raising a wonderful family. Wow, right!

But, it hasn't always been this way. In fact, what many people do not realize is that I started my journey growing up in a trailer park with limited resources and limited opportunities. I worked as a coffee shop waitress.

However, there were 2 things I always knew, deep down:

1.  I wanted my life to have meaning.
2.  I wanted to make my own personal impact on the world.

In essence, I wanted to live a life worth living. But I wasn't sure how to do that. I had no resources and no plan. I have to admit, I felt down and out.

So what did I do?

I prescribed myself success through meaning, using a powerful system I'm about to share with you – a system of living aligned on your purpose.

Sometimes, I can be a bit lasse faire and it wasn’t until recruited into a Fortune 100 company that I grasped the depth of my personal TRANSFORMATION. At the time, I thought nothing of the fact that President of the company and I would meet and chat over lunch or that the CEO publically joked about how my picture was bigger than his in the latest Innovation article in NYSE Magazine.

However, people within the company were asking, “How did you do that?

“Do what?” I wondered.

"How have you reached this level of Success?"

When I looked back on my own Success Journey, I realized I had followed the same process, over and over, to reach higher levels of success as I made my way from coffee shop waitress to doctor to business executive. However, I also realized that this process doesn't come naturally to everyone. So, I began working with my colleagues and any on who asked for support, mentoring, and coaching. I worked with high level executives – people I admired!

After catalyzing so many people to reach their success, I realized we had created a process, a formula, a strategy, for achieving Success. We had leveraged research-based strategy planning adjusted specifically to create a success strategy for an individual's life, combined with neuroscience with clear attention to the pillars of personal well-being creating what has become a proprietary formula of success.

If adhered to meticulously, any one of us can use it to create massive success in our lives and make an impact in the world. It's like personalized medicine for your soul!

Transform your life from surviving to Thriving, Success and Impact at this powerful 3-day event!

Here's a quick peek at ThIS Event agenda, and just a glimpse into the powerful transformation that awaits you!

ThIS Event features incredible speakers who are successful, impactful individuals who have transformed their own lives. They share their lessons learned and how they were able to dig into their own personal heroism, identify their purpose and align it - professionally and personally - creating their unique Success Strategy.

Your Success is important to us. We want to assure all your needs are completely cared for over the course of the 3-day event.

9181813_sIn order to fully Thrive during the Thrive-Impact-Success ‘ThIS’ Event, we have put together a special VIP upgrade so you can TRULY experience the community and bonding with people who deeply care about you achieving your success.

For only $197 additional, you can join us for mid-morning snacks, awesome gourmet lunches brought to you by the infamous Union League dining staff, and a healthy pick me up afternoon snacks during each day of the event! During lunch, you have the opportunity to network with your fellow attendees and process what you're learning… as well as mingling with our amazing successfully impactful Speakers!

*Upgrade your General Admission Ticket to VIP for only $197 more!

Philadelphia, PA  |  August 1 - 3

Special VIP Q&A Session with Dr. Summer Knight

DSK_Prof_5094_FinalThis Special Q&A Session with Dr. Summer Knight is designed to personally answer any questions that come up for you around the training and incorporating the powerful 3 matrices for creating Success and Impact in your Life.

First of all, you should know it's our passion to guide you in catalyzing your success. You can consider this collaborative community as your partner in defining and creating your ideal life full of happiness, success, and personal impact. To that end, here's how we're going to do this, together.

When you join me for ThIS Event, you get:

Philadelphia, PA  |  August 1 - 3

Here Are 3 Reasons Why Attending ThIS Event Will Make 2014 the Most Powerful, Impactful and Exciting Year of Your Life Yet … No Matter Where You're Starting!

My Personal Invitation to You

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Your surroundings are important!

As your host for the Thrive-Impact-Success Event, my team and I have taken great care to ensure our host – the prestigious Union League - is the perfect place to experience the inspiration, motivation, and transformation you're striving to create. It’s in this revered building that the MOST Successful People have collaborated to create amazing Impact in the United States and the World.

Enjoy the central location in historical down-town Philadelphia at the most exclusive club in the city has to offer while we create lasting success and transformation together!

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Yes! You are welcome to bring a colleague, team member, friend or your spouse to attend The Thrive-Success-Impact ThIS Event. This way, you can travel with someone you know, split expenses and share this amazing experience with someone who you enjoy sharing experiences and supports you the most! Details can be found on the “Thank You” page once your reserve your ticket.

Philadelphia, PA  |  August 1 - 3

Philadelphia, PA  |  August 1 - 3

When you join me for ThIS Event, you get:

Philadelphia, PA  |  August 1 - 3

To YOUR Future, Exactly As You Envision It,

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Dr. Summer Knight

P.S. How much longer will you go on, knowing you're not moving toward your ideal life? This is your chance to FINALLY define exactly the impact you want to make … and to create a plan for making it. Act now, begin now.

Philadelphia, PA  |  August 1 - 3